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Innocean Toronto -
Hyundai Canada Website
Project Type:
Industry collaboration
Project Length:
8 weeks

How can we improve the usability of on desktop and mobile devices for young first-time car buyers in their 20s?

Focus Question



Find Special Offers
Build & Price a Vehicle
Book a Test Drive





Gaze Plot of Build & Price Tool:

Displays participant's inability to navigate through each section due to confusing Back and Close buttons

Notifications of conflicting selections

Website conveniently prompts users when conflicting selections are made in choosing accessories

Navigation: Close and Back buttons

Unable to review selected items when choosing accessories.

Unable to locate “Pricing Overview”.

Unclear and lengthy description of "Protection Plan".

Desktop: Build & Price Tool

Desktop: Homepage

Main banner video

Test participants enjoyed watching the video that played on the page's main banner.

Intruding location/language prompt.

Low visibility of the main tools’ icons.

Ambiguous titles with no information.

Excessive scrolling; long homepage with 

no menu in the footer.

Display offers for specific car models
on the homepage.

“Boxing Month Deals” banner was
disregarded by user.


User explored page based on car
models rather than deals.


Pricing and discounts were difficult to
understand and differentiate.

Desktop: Heat Map of Offer Page


Mobile: Homepage

Test participants were able to find all the key features of the car in the task scenario from this page.

Test participants were overwhelmed by the amount of information and scrolling.


Test participants were unable to locate the “Build & Price” tool.

Saba Samizadehyazd
Dhanushka Premarathna
Nadia Khvan 

Recruiting test participants
Facilitating group meetings
Writing task scenario
Writing a usability testing guide
Note taking and timekeeping 
Mapping insights
Making prototype
Designing presentation Deck 
Usability study of the company’s existing website on desktop and mobile.
Stakeholder presentation
Establishing key audience
Identifying user goals
Determining task scenarios
Recruiting test participant
Conducting moderated in-person user testing sessions in Humber College Usability Lab using TobiiPro eye-tracking equipment.
Performing task analysis using gaze plot and heatmap. 
Data analysis using the System Usability Scale and satisfaction rating.
Mapping qualitative insights 
Prototyping recommendations
Writing report



Today, the majority of car buyers look for their ideal car online, compare prices and read reviews which allows them to avoid lengthy commute to dealerships and sitting through extensive sales pitches. This has made car manufacturers compete to improve the experience of their online platforms for their customers. 

As part of Humber College User Experience Design team, we collaborated with Innocean Toronto to help them improve the usability of on desktop and mobile devices. My team primarily focused on first-time car buyers between the age of 20 to 30 years old as our target audience. We conducted usability studies of three main areas of Hyundai Canada website which included finde special offers, build and price a vehicle and book a test drive. Three 1 hour long in-person moderated usability testing sessions were held in Humber college mobile usability lab using TobiiPro eye-tracking technology. By analysing the insights discovered from usability sessions, we could identify usability pain-points and make recommendations for improvement.  

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