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Lead Conversation Designer

March 2019 - Present

Led the UX design for enterprise client chatbot development through CX research and client call data analysis which led to 1M yearly inquiry volume or 225K calls deflected. Post deployment optimization and reporting on customer insights by identifying areas of improvement for digital self-service strategy, which improved answer rates by 15%. Managed client relationships from various sectors (hospitality, insurance, HR and Retail) through weekly status meetings, quarterly business reviews and being the main point of contact for support – increased retention rate on these accounts by 11%. Consulted across cross-functional channels/stakeholders using subject matter expertise, which allowed for a consistent brand experience. Won company-wide Bravo award for going above and beyond to save large hotel chain business relationship during the pandemic.


Lead UX Designer

September 2018 - March 2019

Defined startup company’s UX design practice as the first UX design lead hired, where I combined inputs from various internal groups (sales, development, marketing and design) aligning business goals with user needs. Enhanced the digital experience of the startup’s three digital platforms through customer journey mapping, user interviews and heuristic evaluation resulting in increased app adoption rate. Informed a data-driven roadmap by combining product metric analysis with user research, identifying pain points and causes of churn – reducing churn by 16% and refining product vision and go-to-market strategy.

Humber College

Lead UX Design Consultant

February 2018 - September 2018

Led research and design of a mobile application for one of Humber College North Campus buildings to help users navigate the facility, book collaborative spaces and borrow equipment. Leveraged interior design experience, where I performed user research and stakeholder interviews with students, program coordinators and deans to refine the vision of the product

Collaboration with

Royal Conservatory of Music

UX Designer 

February 2018 -

April 2018

Planned and executed two Design Sprints in one month to improve the learning experience of “Catch the Egg” game within RCM’s music theory app preparatory level. Detected usability issues in the existing game and explored new opportunities to bridge the gap between the goals and needs of the app’s two audience - children and adults. Created rapid Prototypes and conducted Usability Testing to validate design ideas. 

Collaboration with

Innocean Toronto; Hyundai Canada Website

UX Researcher & Designer

December 2017 - February 2018

Performed Usability Testing for Hyundai Canada website on desktop and mobile phone using wearable and screen-based eye tracking technology (Tobii Pro). Distilled Task Analysis information from existing website experience by visualizing Gaze Data through Heat Maps. Detected usability issues and made recommendations for improvement.

Collaboration with

Longo's; Grocery Gateway Application

UX Researcher & Designer

September 2017 -

January 2018

Conducted Semi-Structured User Interviews and performed Usability Testing for Grocery Gateway app on smartphone. Detected usability issues and made recommendations for improvement. Created High Fidelity Wireframes and Prototypes to display the implementation of the recommendations.


Interior Designer

October 2015 - August 2017

Consulted with clients to understand their needs and proposed compelling design solutions that were aligned with the company’s goals and the customers' needs. Worked with the design team on all aspects of design development and project execution, including drawings, research, budgeting, presentations, and installations. Successfully boosted the total sales by taking an empathetic approach to ensure outstanding customer experience which advanced to referrals and repeat business.

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